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4 Tips for Traveling to Copenhagen Copenhagen has been consistently ranked as one of the happiest cities in the planet, so you’re likely to have a good time there. However, wherever you travel, there are always a few essential preparations and things to consider before your trip. Where do you plan to stay, for example? To help make your trip to Copenhagen great, consider the following tips: Plan early You can make your travels easier if you prepare early. This means you need to think about the best times of the year for traveling. For Copenhagen, the summer months are usually packed with tourists from all over Europe and other places, so you’re likely to meet lots of people. However, if you want to holiday on a budget, you will need to go during the off-peak seasons.
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There are all kinds of hotels in Copenhagen, which means your choice largely depends on your budget. You can still find some cheap hotel rooms in the city if you’re on a tight budget, and you’ll still get to enjoy your trip. Whatever accommodation you choose, just be sure to book as early as possible to get the lowest prices.
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Know basic phrases The Danes are known to be polite and friendly. So if you know a few simple phrases in the Danish language, it will be easy to start a conversion on the street with someone. All you may need to know is how to say “hello,” “goodbye and thank you” in Danish and you’re sure to impress them. Going a bit deeper can help with such things as ordering food, bargaining for better prices, and requesting for help when lost. Fortunately though, many Danes can speak good English. Know activities/things to do There are tons of attractions and things to do in Copenhagen. The Christianhavns Kanalis is a good example that attracts many tourists. You may also want to check out the Christiansborg Palace in the city center. One of the things the Danes are famous for is cycling. In Copenhagen, you can expect to see more people on bicycles than in cars. Cycling is a great way to experience the city, and the good news is that you can rent a bike and have all the fun you want. Packing right It’s advisable to pack up at least a day or two before leaving. This ensures you can add anything you may have forgotten. Using a checklist for your packing will help you ensure you’ve included everything needed for that trip. Denmark is cosmopolitan, which means there is no standard dress code. However, the residents of Copenhagen are usually smartly dressed. So you may want to check out some tips from travel/fashion blogs before you decide on what to wear.