Ubud Artist Township Attracts Many Travelers

Artist Township of Ubud in Gianyar regency, Bali Province is well known to foreign tourists who are in great demand as a center of cultural tourism and the arts on the island. Many tourists who visit this place every year.

“Travelers at home and abroad can see various arts and cultural activities conducted local community,” said an observer and practitioner Bali Tourism Dewa Nyoman Putra, Denpasar.

He states the name of the famous Ubud in foreign countries so that tourists who had vacationed in the area as far as 25 km northeast of Denpasar, it can perform activities such as rafting, cycling, watching art and painting famous in Bali.

Tourists who come to the bustling tourist area of Ubud generally does not miss a tourist attraction to the Monkey Forest, which has hundreds of monkeys as an attraction, watch Kecak and can buy typical souvenirs of Bali in Ubud Art Market. For a travel guide, you can see it in Ubud bali.

Dewa Nyoman Putra added that tourists love to spend the night in Ubud a couple of days during the holiday home on the island since at that location is easy to get accommodation, ranging from budget hotels to luxury hotels.

In addition to the artist colony of Ubud, Bali also has other places of interest for tourists, namely Kuta Beach, one of the most famous tourist attractions and popular among foreign tourists and for domestic tourists.

Dewa Nyoman Putra who had been a tour guide added, tourists generally have not felt coming to Bali if not been to Kuta which is able to offer a clean white sand beach stretches seven kilometers.

Many things can be done during the tourist attractions located in Kuta, such as playing on a white sand beach and see the sunset at dusk.

If travelers like art shows, here provided Kuta Theater.

Meanwhile, Tanjung Benoa, one of the favorite tourist area for domestic travelers and is the center of marine tourism in Bali or better known as the Tanjung Benoa watersport which has white sand with calm sea.

Moreover, in the tourist area Tajung Benoa also provided plenty of cheap hotels and luxury hotels.

Where to eat in the area is also very easy to reach, ranging from food stalls with cheap price to international standard restaurant.

A wide assortment of attractions presented here, so it’s not surprising the number of foreign tourists visiting Bali are growing every year.
That was some information about tourist attractions in Ubud bali, may be useful!