Things to Do at Patna And How to Reach Patna From Delhi By Flight

Best eastern state to explore and the great history of India are in the capital of Bihar, Patna. The city was founded in the 5th-century BC and the actual name of the place was Patiliputra, which later turned into Patna. If you want to have fun and also wants to explore history, Patna is waiting for you.

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To make your trip the most entertaining, we have listed five incredible places in Patna, which will turn your vacation into a memorable holiday.

1. Patna Museum

This museum is nestled in a majestic colonial-era building. Visiting will give you a glimpse particularly of the history of two of the biggest Indian empires. Splendid sculptures created in the Mauryan era and Gupta period are stored here, and you will also see the incredible bronze Buddhist statuary. It doesn’t end here as beautiful paintings created in the early 19th-century by Thomas and William Daniells also attract visitors across the globe.

2. Golghar

This massive structure was built by the British army in 1786. The word Golghar means “a round shape house”. This will give you an idea of what a Golghar looks like; it has a dome-like structure. Once you reach the top, you will see a mesmerizing view of the Patna city. This was not just built to allure tourists; the significance .was to avoid a repeat of the terrible 1770 famine. When you look at its wall, you will read an old carved sign that says, ‘For the perpetual prevention of famine in these provinces.’ Fortunately, the Golghar has never come into use and now it has become a famous tourist destination.

3. Buddha Smriti Park

This is a newly developed park. His Holiness Dalai Lama inaugurated the park in 2010. It is spread across 9-hectare (22 acres) and is quite famous for its massive sandblasted charcoal stupa. When you step in the stupa, you will see a beautiful, bulletproof relic chamber. Also the modern Buddhist Museum in the park is something that every tourist loves to visit and there is a splendid library and a free meditation center as well.

4. Gandhi Ghat

Feel the cool breeze at the splendid Gandhi Ghat. Sit for a while on the bank of the holy river the Ganges and enjoy the panorama, and lose yourself in the peaceful rhythm of the river. There is a ferry terminal nearby, where you can take a boat ride at a cheap price. It is the best place for couples and kids.

5. Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park

If you are travelling with kids, Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park should be the first place you should visit in Patna. It was first established in 1969 as a botanical garden. Now, you can see around 300 species of captivating trees, herbs, and shrubs. This park also contains one of the largest zoos, where you will see 800 animals from some 100 species!


Patna from New Delhi the fastest way to reach is by taking a direct flight from New Delhi to Patna. The total flight time will be around 1 hour 35 min to reach at the destination.