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5 Merits of a Self Drive around New Zealand in a Rental Car A vacation that features a self drive tour around the country is one of the best experiences you will come to enjoy. However, the vehicle you chose to use will make all the difference because there are many variables to give thought to. There are numerous vehicle options, but a self drive in a rental car comes with the 5 merits that are highlighted next. The choices available in car rental are limitless. You will, therefore, select one that suits your trip. A van is, for instance, perfect for a self drive in the company of more than five family members or friends. A trip through the rugged roads of some parts of the country is best traversed by a 4×4 SUV. It is only with a car rental that you will find a range that caters to your specific needs. A car rental is affordable because you only pay to use the vehicle, not own it like in the case where you purchase a car. Insurance costs too will not be your problem at any time. You will not cater to the maintenance of the vehicle nor feel the steep losses associated with depreciation due to high odometer readings. Even if the trip was a rigorous one, you will not worry about the loss of value of the vehicle because your financial responsibility will come to an end once you return the vehicle to the rental company. Using your own vehicle for such a trip comes with losses because of its loss in value and high maintenance costs.
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A modern car hire vehicle comes with GPS technology. With this feature, you will get guidance when driving through the country, especially when on unfamiliar roads. The technology even allows you to choose routes spontaneously because you will reach your destination safely due to the guidance provided by the system. In the past, self driving was not a very viable option, especially when touring a region someone is unfamiliar with. Driving yourself through the country is possible today, thanks to the adoption of technology by car rental services.
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A guided tour around the country comes with various restrictions. Some of them include the time limitations present when you visit certain attractions and the use of a particular route to reach it. With a self drive in a rental car, you can spend all the time you want at a particular spot and drive to and from it using any route you choose so that it is possible to enjoy the scenery along the way. You now have the choice of pick up and drop off points with a car hire vehicle. It is even possible to get a one-way hire where you can leave the automobile at a specific place after your tour, instead of driving it back all the way.