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How Much It’ll Cost You To Do Website Development

Like any other business, websites aren’t the same. They are being created for different purposes and technology as well and because of that, you can expect them to greatly vary in cost by level of functionality, design as well as complexity in development. There are a number of companies that provide hourly work price wherein the overall costs consist of the overhead and hour.

For any website, it needs to have a crisp, clear, easy to navigate design along with superb usability and outstanding functionality. Regardless if you have a small business, a corporate brand or a large organization, you should consider updating your page.

As for the hourly rate, it is ranging between 10 to 50 dollars but it can vary from different companies and experience as well as quality they are capable of delivering within every hour spend on the project. The cost of the web design is determined based on the approximate number of hours which include the development, design and the maintenance of your site. With this being said, it is going to be a wise move if you will have idea of features that you like to have for your site and also, from where you will be getting the content for the site before doing cost estimation.
Getting Down To Basics with Designs

It is important that you build a responsive page so by that, they’re going to look great no matter what is the size of screen and device they’re being viewed using Content Management System or simply known as CMS. These days, Google is much stricter with ethics and punishes ranking for non mobile friendly pages. With regards to the cost of your website, it will vary depending on the individual need of your business but here are few ideas that will affect it.
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Domain name – for new domain names, it is usually a minimum of 1 dollar but some older domains available which can cost millions.

Hosting – commonly, there are 3 kinds of hosting similar to shared, free and dedicated. Depending on your choice, it’ll cost you approximately 30 to 50 dollars a year. And if you consider to use a static IP address, this can increase as well.

Information architecture/custom design – here, it consist of the UX design, visual design, sitemap and page structure generation and imagery collection.

Programming and shopping cart integration – this depends on the type of functionality that you want for your site to have. You could have paid plug-ins, custom feature development, shopping cart and so on but all these additional features will cost you more.

Web content creation – if you are about to hire a professional content writing company, it can cost you around 100 to 1000 dollars but a cheap price of 10 to 50 dollars per hour or page if you will outsource it.