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Ferries – the perfect journey to Batam

Batam is a city which belongs to Indonesia. The most interesting thing is this city has more number of smaller islands. These islands are connected through short and strong bridges. Each and every traveler visiting this city can have a wonderful experience as the city is fully surrounded by water everywhere. Hence this will be a perfect place for a wonderful vacation. This also the most important feature which has attracted tourists from different parts of the world. Even though there are road transports, many people prefer using the ferries for enjoying the complete benefits of this island. Especially the number of people travelling through ferries from Singapore to Batam is highly increasing in current scenario.

Local ferry terminals

There is more number of ferry terminals in and around Batam. It is to be noted that these ports are connected to different places which includes Singapore, Malaysia and other countries. Overall there are about five ferry terminals in this small island. Hence any place in this island can be reached easily by making use of their ferry terminal. Their ferry ports include waterfront city, Harbourbay and many. It is to be noted that these ports are not just for transportation, but it is also a free trade center. This is considered to be central trade hub of Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. This is the also the reason why the products here are very cheap when compared to their market price in other regions.

Are they safe?

Many people think that travelling through ferries is highly risky. But this is not the fact. Like other means of transport, this is also safe enough. Since they are not run through traffic, this will also be right choice to reach destination within short span of time. Hence from kids to the elder ones every one can make use of this terminal for their transport needs. While choosing the ferries for transport, they are supposed to choose the passenger ferries which have all the safety features. Today almost all the ferries come with safety measures in order to provide better security for all the travelers. However, to remain on the safer side, the security aspects provided by the ferries can be taken into consideration.

Book tickets

Obviously, people who are in need to make use of the ferry terminals must buy the tickets. The tickets are sold at an affordable price. Especially in online, they are sold under greater discounts. To buy ferry ticket from singapore to batam, the most reputed and safe online website is to be chosen. Since the payment for the ticket is done through online, it is more important to choose the website which provides greater privacy. Apart from this, the website should have the details of all the ferries running through the ferry terminals. The timings and other related aspects can be checked to book the tickets at an appropriate time. Since the tickets will be sent through online, the travelers can directly start their journey once after … Read More