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Where to Stay in Comporta Comporta is a small but beautiful village found in the Tr?ia peninsula of Portugal. Suprisingly, the beaches in this village is one of the many underestimated destinations in the country. Serene location and perfect beaches sound like a great combination, doesn’t it? If yes, then you got it right. If you need a perfect place to escape in order to relax and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city, you need to go to Comporta. If you plan to take a holiday this weekend the next thing on your list is finding out where to stay in Comporta. In line with this, you would want to know the best beach in Comporta to go to. The good news is that there are plenty of options. In addition, only 120 km away from Comporta is another great spot called Lisbon. And it is likely that Lisbon will be your place of entry if you intend to go to this small village. Most likely, Comporta is one of a kind and once you get there, you might not want to leave. It is also a place that showcases not only beaches, but forests and other breathtaking views being bordered by the river Sado.
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The travel is absolutely worth it, because once you get there you will surely be impressed. Everything you hope for in an vacation is all there from tropical island vibe, the usual white Alentejo homes to restaurants that serve nothing but good food. Best of all, the prices are reasonable. Remember to try the popular salad that has this one ingredient: octopus.
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What else does this small village have to offer? They say that there are more storks in Comporta than the people so expect to find a stork nest in nearly every chimney. “So where to stay in Comporta,” you wonder. As already mentioned, the trip can satisfy any budget but you need to research for a place to stay as there are only a small list of places where accommodation is reasonably priced. Take note that there are plenty of rural accommodations. Nevertheless, it is not really a problem. You must be packing you bags by now. You need to book your place to stay. Before you leave, you need to have a booking and it is recommended that it be done online. Making arrangements online makes a person’s travel experience more positive. Visit Comporta and have the vacation you always wanted. You will appreciate the beauty of this village because it doesn’t get so crowded. If you want to know more about this village, go to this website.