7 Ways To Tell If The Guy You’re Dating Is Confident, Or Cocky

So, you’ve met a guy at the party a friend of yours organized last week, left him your number and even received a call with an invitation to a date. Yet, somehow that unexplained kind of feeling continues to nag you. He seems to be too experienced and too self-congratulatory in the matters of dating. From what you’ve found out, he’s different from all the types you’ve met at online dating for mature singles websites or any other services of that kind. And you wonder if it’s just confidence or a sign of arrogance… Let’s find out.

  • Pay attention to his walk

A confident guy usually shows little care for who’s watching him as he walks, or what type of thoughts he awakes in other peoples’ minds. A cocky bloke is just different. He looks around every now and then to see who’s looking at him and does everything possible to draw as much attention as he can.

  • Consider how he treats your friends

Those who are confident about themselves usually wish to know your friends better, and other people you get in touch with. The cocky fellows either avoid communicating with them or try to compete with everyone you meet.

  • Does he claim to know everything?

Normally, confident people do not pretend to be the brightest and are not afraid to admit they are wrong. The arrogant ones, however, claim to know everything better than the rest and continue to prove it even though it makes no sense.

  • Does he share information about himself?

If a guy willingly shares information about himself and his past, it’s a sign of a confident and positive attitude towards the others. Yet, if he tries to hide something or change the topic, that’s a warning sign.

  • Pay attention to how he pays the bills

Whenever you are with a guy, there are lots of opportunities to determine what type he is. One of those is paying the bills. A confident guy will remain modest and won’t try to demonstrate his fat wallet. A cocky player will behave in the opposite way.

  • Are there any friends’ photos in his profile?

That’s no secret that confident people tend to upload pictures of them hanging out with friends or colleagues. Meanwhile, arrogant individuals prefer showing all types of flashy selfies and focusing attention on themselves.

  • Is his smile natural or a practiced one?

That’s right, a smile speaks a lot about the one in front of you. A warm natural smile is often the primary thing distinguishing confident and kind-hearted people from those obsessed with their egos. Thus, by a single glance at such a person, you may tell you are already starting to fall in love…

As to the cocky guys, things are a bit different. They do smile, yet do it in a strained way. Thus, you don’t feel like they are totally open and sincere with you.

It’s not that hard to see when a person is insincere. So, if you want to know if the guy you’ve met is confident or cocky, pay attention to the tips provided above.